High School Duo Named Champions in DOE-Sponsored AlgaePrize Competition

August 10, 2023

This week, @JakeVal_SysBio talked with @ashwinmukherjee & Rohan Chanani about their Algaeorithm project that won some top honors in a @ENERGY competition called #AlgaePrize. If you missed the Research Roundtable conversation, you can watch it here:

— ISB (@isbsci) August 11, 2023

Local teen and his cousin combine forces to win national competition

Jul 11, 2023

2022-2023 U.S. Department of Energy AlgaePrize Competition Winners!

April 17, 2023

Collaborating on their #AlgaePrize project from opposite coasts, team Algaeorithm developed an #algae cell counting algorithm that students can use to analyze their samples without access to expensive lab equipment. More from the team. ⬇️ @AlgaePrize

— BioenergyKDF (@BioenergyKDF) April 15, 2023

Hard work always pays off! Champions of the inaugural #AlgaePrize. Really proud of the "only high school" team in the competition. @ashwinmukherjee @rohanchanani Thanks to @AlgaePrize and thank you @SystemsEd @ISBNitinBaliga and @isbsci We know STEM-ed and mentorship! #DOEBETO

— Jacob Valenzuela (@JakeVal_SysBio) April 16, 2023

How a rising Los Altos senior became a U.S. Department of Energy AlgaePrize finalist

June 12, 2022

Los Altos High junior advances in national STEM competition

May 18, 2022

Thanks, @AlgaePrize! Our Algaeorithm team is excited to develop tools, content, & educational resources for H.S students & classrooms to increase #STEM access & awareness! Today's students will lead the generational shift to a bioeconomy! TY @ISB @SystemsEd

— Jacob Valenzuela (@JakeVal_SysBio) April 22, 2022

15 AlgaePrize Teams Advance as Finalists

April 20, 2022

Meet Ashwin Mukherjee and Rohan Chanani! Ashwin is a junior from Los Altos, CA, and Rohan is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. Check out Ashwin and Rohan’s app, Algaeorithm, below! #STEMsystemsthinkers #BoeingInspires @isbsci @JakeVal_SysBio

— SystemsEducation (@SystemsEd) November 17, 2021